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Neoprene Bumper Belt with Shoulder Straps


Product Features
  • Five Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, and 2XL. See Rematee Sizing Chart.
  • Adjustable Neoprene Bumper Belt comfortably holds you on your side. Wear your belt over any shirt or pajamas, or directly against your skin.
  • Comes with adjustable shoulder straps pre-assembled onto the belt to keep the belt in place and allow you to wear your belt high and loose around your chest.
  • Includes inflatable bumpers - can be easily adjusted to your preferred comfort, and deflate for compact traveling
  • Machine washable - does not include wash/travel pouch. Purchase this separately or as a combo package.
  • Covered by our 30-day 100% Money-Back Guarantee and our 1-Year warranty

$108.78 USD

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Product Information
This adjustable bumper belt will keep you sleeping on your side. Comes with shoulder straps to keep the belt in place and allow you to wear it very loose around your chest.
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On Your Side!
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Average Customer Review: 4.5 of 5 Total Reviews: 26 Write a review.

Rematee October 17, 2017
Reviewer: Janine from Mississauga, ON Canada  
I really love it. It works so well and despite waking on my back - with my back arched - the first night I wore it, that has only happened once since.  I couldn't be happier and best of all, I am beginning to get a much better nights sleep.

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Bumper Belt October 17, 2017
Reviewer: Michael Vladovic from Oak Lawn, IL United States  
sometimes  I wear it and sometimes I don't.  It seems, in either case, I can sleep more than usual; although, I think there is much more room for improvement.  When I wear it, I seem to wake up with a sore shoulder or neck and when I don't wear it  I feel more comfortable.   Surprisingly enough, I have not worn my the oral appliance in weeks and yet now feel better without the oral appliance.   I quess this Bumper belt is still a work-in-process!

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Sizing and some aspects need work October 17, 2017
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Toronto, ON Canada  
My doctor in Canada recommended I try the bumper belt for my apnea and after trying a CPAP machine first, I would say it is infinitely preferable. But for women, sizing is confusing. The agent I spoke to recommended a large for my measurements but I think it's too big. I was afraid to return it for a smaller size in case it fit too tightly.
And the shoulder straps sometimes get stuck in the velcro, which can be not only annoying but uncomfortable. So I think the sizes and design need some work, especially for women. Still, as I say, if you have apnea, I prefer this belt to a machine

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It works October 16, 2017
Reviewer: Iveta from Chatsworth, ON Canada  
I purchased a bumper belt for my husband on the recommendation of a sleep clinic doctor. It works for people whose apnea is position related, like my husband, who snores and sometimes stops breathing when sleeping on his back. The belt took some getting used to but, eventually, and after finding ways to turn from side to side without waking up, my husband now gets a good night's sleep and wakes up more refreshed than before. Needless to say, I do too and I only wish they made bumper belts for snoring dogs...

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The belt does just what I need October 11, 2017
Reviewer: Linda Chambers from Holland, MI United States  
Sleep doctor suggested C-pap for moderate sleep apnea.  I couldn't face that so she suggested this belt to keep me from sleeping on my back which is when the snoring/apnea episodes occur.
The belt works!  It is sturdy and comfortable....unless I roll over on my back when I receive a quick reminder I'm in the wrong position.
I'm very happy with the belt and would recommend it for people not ready for a C-pap.

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