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Where can I find information about my recent order?
Consult order info.

What size shirt should I buy?
Purchase a size which will be comfortable yet fitted.  To determine the correct size, please consult the sizing chart on the order page.

Is the Anti-Snore Shirt Comfortable?
Yes. It is made of 100% cotton and features three plush foam inserts in the back that gently inhibit snorers from sleeping on their back by coaxing them into a side-sleeping position.

Does it take much time to get used to sleeping in the Anti-Snore Shirt?

Most people experience a good night’s sleep immediately. Generally, it should not take more than a few nights to get accustomed; however, if you usually sleep on your back, it may take up to a few weeks. 

How effective is the Anti-Snore Shirt?
The Anti-Snore Shirt reduces Sleep Apnea and snoring significantly, to the point where both partners can sleep well at night and feel well rested the next day.

Does the Anti-Snore Shirt cure snoring altogether?
The Anti-Snore Shirt is based on repositioning or positional therapy, which gets snorers with a tendency to sleep on their backs to roll over onto their sides. Clinical research has shown that people with sleep-related disorders such as sleep apnea can benefit from sleeping on their sides.

Does the Anti-Snore Shirt come in all sizes?
The Anti Snore Shirt comes in sizes Small through 5XL.  Please consult the sizing chart for specific measurements. 

Can the Anti-Snore Shirt be used with other snoring products?
It is best to consult your doctor. However, the Anti-Snore Shirt is designed as a form of positional therapy while other snoring devices treat snoring differently. Side sleep means there is less gravity to pull your airway closed, which is a main contributor to snoring.

How do you wash the Anti-Snore Shirt?
Simply lift the Velcro on the shirt’s back, remove the three foam inserts and set them aside.  Then launder the cotton shirt as you would any cotton garment. A cold-water wash is advised.

Will my Anti-Snore Shirt shrink in the wash?
No, not if you wash in cold water and hang dry. 

Can I get more information about the product?
Yes.  Please consult how it works, or download our Anti-Snore Shirt brochure.

What is the life-span of the Anti-Snore Shirt?
If treated with care, the Anti-Snore Shirt can last as long as any other cotton garment in your wardrobe.

Can the Anti-Snore Shirt help with sleep apnea?
Yes, although it’s best to consult your physician to determine if the Anti-Snore Shirt is right for you. The shirt is based on positional sleep therapy, where snoring is eased based on the body position of the sleeper. Positional therapy generally aims to keep sleepers on their sides to provide snoring relief. People respond differently to positional therapy. For instance, some people with sleep apnea respond effectively simply by staying off their backs while sleeping.