Founder Bio: About Sean Kerklaan

A Quest to Alleviate Snoring

Vancouver businessman and entrepreneur Sean Kerklaan is the founder of REM-A-TEE, a Vancouver-based company that developed the Anti-Snore Shirt.

Sean is a long-time snorer. He first discovered he had the problem in university when, while he slept one night, his roommate threw a pillow at him in a bid to stop his loud snoring. Sean recovered from the incident and gained the inspiration to address his snoring.

Sean, a native of Montreal, began developing the REM-A-TEE Anti-Snore Shirt in 2002 after undergoing a sleep study at Montreal’s Mount Sinai Hospital. It revealed he suffered from mild to moderate sleep apnea.

He was advised of therapeutic options, but they were costly and had what Sean considered unpleasant side effects. Meanwhile, his snoring was affecting his personal relationship. In 2005, now a B.C. resident, he underwent another session at the University of British Columbia’s Sleep Disorders Clinic. This time, due to better medical coverage, he tried oral appliances. He found their side effects unbearable.

He continued his research, which led him to develop a product based on a technique doctors believe eases snoring –sleeping on one’s side. Typically, therapies have included sleeping on a tennis ball to force the snorer onto his or her side and allow the airways to open wider than if sleeping on the back.

His initial prototype was a shirt with a tennis ball duct-taped to the back. That was not effective, especially in terms of washing the shirt. He tried 20 more versions, finally settling on a comfortable, 100-per-cent cotton T-Shirt with three soft Styrofoam cylinders sewn into the back to keep the wearers sleeping on their side. The cylinders are removable for laundering. The Anti-Snore Shirt was born.

Sean Kerklaan has a commerce degree from Bishop’s’ University in Sherbrooke, Quebec.