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Over 2,000 Sleep Doctors Trust Rematee

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This kit will keep you
sleeping on your side


Enhance your hip and
lower back comfort with our
contour leg pillow

THE comfort

Excellent lower back, neck and
head comfort with our (two)
contour leg & head pillows


Everything you need for a
perfect sleep

  • Neoprene Bumper Belt;
    5 sizes with an adjustable velcro
    strap for the perfect fit.
    * Includes Inflatable Bumpers.

  • Shoulder Straps;
    deliver enhanced support that prevents
    your belt from slipping and falling.

  • Travel Pouch;
    bring your Rematee Belt wherever life
    takes you.

  • Contour Leg Pillow;
    delivers optimal hip & lower back

  • Contour Cloud Head Pillow;
    delivers optimal head & neck support.

  • Two-year Warranty

  • One-year Warranty

  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • Toll-Free Customer Service

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These quality products will help keep you sleeping on your side

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The Essential Combo Kit The Quality Combo Kit The Comfort - Combo Kit
The Essential Combo Kit
$122.99 USD

The Quality Combo Kit
$147.99 USD

The Comfort - Combo Kit
$182.99 USD

The Deluxe Combo Kit Neoprene Bumper Belt with Shoulder Straps Anti Snore Shirt
The Deluxe Combo Kit
$202.79 USD

Anti Snore Shirt
$88.78 USD

This adjustable bumper belt will keep you sleeping on your side. Comes with shoulder straps to keep the belt in place and allow you to wear it very loose around your chest.

Our original Anti-Snore Tshirt comes with inflatable bumpers and keeps you comfortably sleeping on your side.
Contour Cloud Pillow Contour Leg Pillow Inflatable Bumpers
Contour Cloud Pillow
$39.99 USD

Contour Leg Pillow
$29.99 USD

Inflatable Bumpers
$12.54 USD


This pillow has 3 layers of foam to comfortably cradle your head when sleeping on your side.

This hourglass-shaped memory foam knee pillow fits comfortably between your thighs or knees, and relieves hip, knee, and lower back pain.

A package of 3 Inflatable Bumpers
Replacement Plan 2yr Bumper Belt Travel Pouch
A one-year warranty extension to any item covered by our one-year warranty. Drawstring wash & travel pouch.