Relational Impacts of Snoring

Snoring is one of the most well known causes of marital strife. Relationships often suffer as a result of snoring.  

The person most bothered by snoring is the bed partner who is woken up and often kept awake by heavy snoring.  Research shows that bed partners of snorers may lose up to an hour or more of sleep per night.

For many couples the only solution in response to severe snoring is sleeping in separate bedrooms, which has harmful effects on the intimacy of the relationship.  According to the book Snoring Tears into Sleep and Relationships, Dr. Laura Berman, relationship and sex therapist, says “snoring is a big relationship creates frustration and resentment on both sides.”

Many couples fail to address the stress snoring can place on the relationship because they think there’s either no remedy or accept its nuisance as part of life.  Don’t let an ongoing problem like snoring take away from your relationship; there are simple treatment options which may be right for you and your partner!