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Doctor Testimonials

"For the last three years, I have treated patients with positional snoring by corecting their body position during sleep. Using a Rematee Bumper Belt can often provide a great amount of relief."
Dr. Alan Hoffman, PHD, MD, FRCPC, FCCP

"I presented at a dental sleep medicine conference and there should be no question when folks see the research, how important a role positional therapy plays' and Rematee does a great job of keeping you on your side."
Dr. Dan Tache


Thank you for your prompt -- and helpful -- reply. I appreciate this product and am positively impressed with your service

S Rostron - Boise, ID

The Rematee Bumper Belt works great. It's perfect for sleeping, it makes no noise (unlike my old cpap) and you don't even know you have it on. Greattt product. Thank you

Kevin Jacques - Montreal, QC

I only snore when I sleep on my back. I tried sewing a tennis ball into a t-shirt but that hurt and didn't really work. Then I found the Rematee Bumper Belt (size Medium) and it worked! Rematee is the only solution I've found that comfortably holds me on my side all night. I purchased a second Bumper Belt today - (size Large) for my husband. He's been stealing mine lately and I want it back

S Taylor - Bloomington, IN

I want to thank you for creating your Bumper Belt, it has changed my life! I now only wear your Belt which helps me remain on my side all night and I am sleeping much better. Thank you!

S. Sanderson - Toronto, ON

Great Customer Service - I would like to say thank you for the replacement Rem-a-Tee shirt you recently sent for my husband Mike. I was shocked, not only that you personally called me to talk about my complaint, (within about 24 hours!) but also at the speed (and ease) at which we received the new shirt. Thank you very much, and I wish you continued success.

Anne Ranger - Ottawa, Ontario

I hated wearing my CPAP for nearly two years and I never slept well with it. I've been wearing your Bumper Belt since September 2008 and ever since I've slept awesome! I have recommended your product to many people including the folks at my sleep center. The bumpers gently keep me off my back and enable me to sleep comfortably on my side. I believe that the Bumper Belt is far superior to any other sleep apnea treatment I have seen or tried.

Robert Goodman - Jacksonville, FL

I wear the Bumper Belt in conjunction with Dr. Thornton's dental appliance - together they've been a life saver and wont sleep without it. I love the inflatable bumpers. I used to travel with my breathing machine but it took up half my suitcase, Rematee is amazingly compact. Your Bumper Belt is one of a few products I have that I can't think of any adjustments I would make to improve it - I LOVE IT!

Anonymous - Pittsburgh, PA

2nd sleep study validates Rematee and reinforces the necessisty for me to remain on my side all night. I'm impressed with how such a simple device can help so much. Thank you for inventing it

Adele Thompson - Calgary, Alberta

This is my 2nd time ordering from your site and this time I decided to try the Bumper Belt, size medium. My previous medium t-shirt from 2008 is still great, but I wanted something new to take with me on my trip to Europe. I have COPD and don't have enough air in my lungs to blow up the inflatable bumpers so I'm using the old Styrofoam bumpers in my new Belt. That works great for me, in fact it's an improvement over the t-shirt since the belt can be worn over any nightwear I choose. It's a great invention. Sincerely

Carol M, Halifax - Nova Scotia

I have a dental appliance, which helps but isn't enough by itself. Sleeping on my side using a Rematee Bumper Belt while using my dental appliance did the trick. It's a bargain, and the customer service has been top notch. I'm a customer for life.

Chris F - Seattle, WA

The Bumper Belt is really good. I used to get sick and miss a lot of work. My sleep doctor diagnosed me with Sleep Apnea. Since wearing this Bumper Belt, I sleep right through the night. I no longer get sick and I'm back to working regularly. The belt isn't sexy but my wife doesn't care, she's just happy she's finally getting to sleep too. And it's comfortable to sleep in, I don't notice the belt at all. Thank you for this really great product.

Ashely Down - San Antonio, TX

I'm astonished by the effectiveness of your product. My husband was trying to figure our which cpap mask would work for him and now we don't have to go down that route. You must have so many happy customers (and their spouses) and I hope that you never tire of hearing us all sign your praises. I know that my husband is telling everyone about Rematee

Kathleen Silva - San Diego, CA

I am pleased to report I've been wearing the Rematee Belt for a month. My wife says I have had none of the sleep apneas, and a general lessening of snoring when wearing the belt. I would tell anyone who has a positional sleep disorder that they ought to try this first.

Gib Akin - Charlottesville, VA

Everything about dealing with your company has been impressive. First, my telephone contact was on Thursday; I ordered, and received my order on Monday! The packaging and and literature are innovative. The baby-doll gown is very good quality fabric, workmanship and style. It's a pretty color too. I really like it. My husband tells me I remain sleeping on my side all night

Susan Mueller Southern, CA

I can not begin to tell you how well my husband slept last night and therefore me as well. The first night was good and last night so much better. I am marketing your shirts all over the country!

G. McKaig Penticton, BC

It actually works... I've been using the t-shirt for a few days now and it's a huge improvement and I feel more refreshed in the morning.

Brian M Canton, MA

I tried CPAP but it was a total disaster. After my doctor recommended I wear your t-shirt I bought one shirt. I received it three days later, I wore it and it WORKED! My 17 year old son had fun making fun of me but my wife was extremely pleased! Thank you for your prompt customer service and creating this great t-shirt.

Henry F Santa Barbara, CA

Last night I got the first peaceful night's sleep in many months! I wore the Rematee for the first time and got instant results. I woke after a great sleep completely refreshed. I cannot thank you enough for simply being there with a great product. You will do much to help many suffering people!

Danny Steinberg, PH.D. Surugadai, Japan

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