I got my first exposure to how bad my snoring was in 1999 when my partner woke me with a swift jab in the arm. I had been sleeping on my back again... and snoring up a storm; she couldn't sleep. We spent many a night arguing over my snoring, I thought it was a trivial issue that she should be able to cope with but deep down I knew it was a bigger problem.

Doctors and patients know that snoring is harmful to ones health and relationships, but many treatments are complex, expensive, uncomfortable and in many cases, unsuccessful.

In 1999, after severe and loud snoring strained my relationship, I underwent a sleep study at Montreal's Mount Sinai Hospital and was diagnosed with moderate sleep apnea (157 episode in 8hrs lasting upto 55 seconds). I was given three therapeutic options: purchase a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Machine, buy a dental appliance or have surgery. The first two were prohibitively expensive, while doctors conceded that surgery had low success rates and side effects.

At that time I did not have strong health insurance, so I neglected the doctors advice and did nothing.

Three years later I had much better job and health insurance. My snoring and apnea continued to be an issue so I decided to visit the sleep doctor again. I attended the University of British Columbia's (UBC) Sleep Disorders Clinic receiving the same diagnosis and the same three recommendations. This time I tried both CPAP and later an oral appliance. After investing $5,000 in both therapies and more than a year of uncomfortable sleeps I was back to square one, snoring and now single.

And then I heard about 'positional therapy'.

Starting with a tennis ball, a t-shirt and a roll of duct tape, I created the prototype for the Anti Snore Shirt which has since evolved into a line Rematee's positional sleeping solutions.

We launched our Anti Snore Shirt at the 'West Coast Women's tradeshow' in September 2007 and have been growing our brand ever since. Today, over 1,600 sleep centers, sleep doctors and dentists regularly use Rematee to treat their patients apnea.

The Anti Snore Shirt and Bumper Belt provide enough pressure to prevent the snorer from rolling over, yet they are gentle enough so the wearer doesn't awaken. By stopping snoring before it begins, the snorer (and their partner) enjoy a restful sleep.

This new anti snoring product re-educates a snorer to sleep on their side.

"My own personal quest towards a snore-free sleep and freedom from the health problems sleep deprivation can cause has led me to this point. Snoring has cost me in many ways. Because of this, it is my passion to help other snorers and their partners. Simple positional therapy works, it's easy to try and often the best option.

Before you invest thousands of dollars on expensive therapies, try sleeping on your side. If you notice an improvement you'll know to keep trying. If side sleeping helps but you're struggling to remain on you your side, that's where Rematee can help. We are here to help, don't be shy, ask your questions."

Sean Kerklaan, Inventor & Owner

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