There are many treatment options available for people suffering from snoring and/or sleep apnea.  Some popular medical treatments for sleep apnea and snoring remedies include:


Positional Therapy is a form of treatment that relates to your sleeping position.  For both snorers and sufferers of sleep apnea, avoiding sleeping on the back (what is called a ‘supine position’) can be the simplest and most cost effective form of treatment.  Positional therapy can also be used to supplement other forms of treatment to increase their effectiveness.    Research indicates that 60% of all snorers will snore only, or most often, while sleeping on their back.  That means 60% of snorers worldwide can stop snoring or snore less often if using a positional therapy device like the Anti Snore Shirt!


CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) is a form of treatment that uses a machine to keep an apnea sufferer’s airway.  The machine delivers a constant flow of air pressure through a mask that the user wears while sleeping.  This form of treatment is know to be very effective, but can be uncomfortable for the user and also expensive to obtain.


Oral Devices work like a retainer and are worn in the mouth while sleeping.  They were created to keep the user’s throat open by moving the jaw forward and forcing the tongue into an unnatural position.  Oral devices are less expensive than a CPAP machine but are also known to be uncomfortable to wear and a less effective form of treatment.


Surgery is often used as a last resort to treating obstructive sleep apnea.  There are several different types of surgery which involve removing excess tissue from the throat and nose – which causes the snoring sound and obstructs the airways.  Surgery is known to be an effective form of treatment but is very intrusive and not guaranteed to work for all patients.


Many doctors also recommend lifestyle changes including avoiding food and alcohol before bed, exercise and weight management.


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