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2000+ Physicians Recommend Rematee

"I really believe in positional therapy. My patients seem to do very well sleeping on their sides. It reduces their AHI to practically 0. Rematee is comfortable, and it works." Dr. Thomas F. Phelps, MD, Tennessee, USA

"There should be no questions when folks see the research, how important a role positional therapy plays in the management of OSA, and Rematee does a great job of keeping you on your side." Dr. Daniel Tache, DMD, Wisconsin, USA

"I found the [Rematee] device is very comfortable, and there have been episodes where I have been able to combine it with other therapies I?ve done. It?s very easy to use and it works well." Dr Gregory T. Ackroyd, California, USA

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Side-Sleeping Is Simple and Easy

Rematee is portable, easy to use, and provides positional support for a variety of needs!

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